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Microsoft Finland partners into Thought Leaders

Microsoft partners are rapidly growing technology companies providing services for non-technology background decision makers. Often marketing & communications is seen as too technical, thus distant. Ahjo carried out speedy processes to crystallise the purpose and values-driven brand messages.

Speedy delivery & great discussions

Ahjo facilitated discussions and workshops in which values, vision, mission, distinctive sales factors and main messages were discussions with the leadership groups of the companies. A digital tool was used to engage all in order to receive fast results. Workshops were seen as inspirational, engaging and speedy. Discussions were highly appreciated by all the participants and there was great depth in discussion the purpose and the vision of the companies.

“Fresh way of working. Changed my thinking of boring workshops totally. So engaging and inspirational”, commented one of the participants.

The whole process from start to end took c. 8-12 weeks.

Value-based sales pitches bring greater business opportunities

Microsoft Finland participated in the branding processes of the chosen companies. Both they and partners have been happy to see the results of this work.

”We have been happy with the co-operation with Ahjo. They have truly crystallised the most important elements from the discussions and the business priorities.  The process and the deliveries by Ahjo have brought true added value to our partners. They have been able to use the crystallised brand messages in their owm presentations and other marketing communications. Imminent benefits have been seen. Deeper co-operation has been discussed, which creates enormous business potential, says Tarja Kauhanen, Partner Marketing Advisor of Microsoft Finland.

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