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Viestintätoimisto Ahjon Klinik-referenssin mustavalkoinen kuvituskuva, jossa on koodausta

Klinik eases the burden on healthcare – Ahjo delivers the message

With the help of Ahjo, Klinik Healthcare Solutions created the concept of AI-based patient flow management. The Klinik Access product rose to the top of healthcare decision makers’ agendas and made the headlines.


By digitalizing the first steps of care pathways with AI, the conditions for efficient healthcare and visionary leadership are created. But digitalization in healthcare is still a work in progress. Finland still lacks the courage to take a leap forward and utilize enriched healthcare data to improve cost-effectiveness. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the poor use of resources. The reason is that municipalities lack strong steering towards the digital channel. This is the challenge Klinik wants to address with its solution.


Starting point: Klinik Access reduces the burden on healthcare


Decisions taken at the first stages of care pathways are key to the efficiency of the whole healthcare system. AI-based patient flow management and data management will enable appropriate and equitable care and make the work of professionals more meaningful. Klinik Healthcare Solutions’ product for digitalizing first contact in healthcare significantly reduces the burden on the healthcare system and facilitates patients’ access to care.


The power of networks and international success


  • We established a step-by-step approach to influence, where the first step was to build alliance networks and activate through social media.
  • On social media, we used visuals to demonstrate the benefits of digitalization.
  • Earned media coverage reflected the international success: NHS clinics in the UK have implemented the Klinik Access service.


Communications put Klinik in the headlines and on the agenda


  • The results of our work were visible not only through the media but also through events and meetings.
  • Ahjo’s monthly social and health care reform overview report supported the communication work.
  • Visitors to the Finnish website increased by + 212% from October to November. One blog publication attracted 707 readers.


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