Jasmin Koskela

Jasmin works on project communications and campaigns in the public sector. Her strengths include a people-oriented approach and a diverse knowledge base especially in advocacy and campaign communications on various social media platforms. She is finalising her Master’s degree in Communication and will bring the latest trends from the academic world to Ahjo, especially in relation to strategic communication planning and organisational communication. With a minor in Administrative Sciences, Jasmin has a broad understanding of the public sector.

Jasmin is particularly in her element as a writer. In producing texts, she focuses on clarity and accessibility – understandable and grammatically correct content is key to all communication. With a background in various positions of trust and other previous work experience, Jasmin, who is fluent in Swedish, is also keen to emphasise the importance of bilingual communication. In her spare time, Jasmin listens to podcasts and enjoys solving crosswords.

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