Ahjo Certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’

At Ahjo, we strongly believe in the importance of a good corporate culture for both staff and customers. Customers thrive when our people feel ignited, finding their work meaningful and fulfilling.


For this reason, Ahjo participated in the Great Place To Work survey in May 2024, which assesses employee satisfaction and measures experiences of workplace culture, trust, cooperation, and rewards. The results were positive, and Ahjo is now certified as a Great Place To Work.


Exceptionally strong outcomes at Ahjo included cooperation, equality, and familiarity, all of which indicate good psychological safety and mutual trust. Commitment, leadership, and innovation were also at an excellent level, indicating strong future performance.


‘I am very pleased with the results. We have worked collaboratively on this. We have a strong desire to build a workplace where people are well and where there is a caring culture. We have prioritized people’s well-being early on. As part of our employment benefits, we offer professional help and support for both mental and physical well-being. Employment benefits include the Mielen huoli (Mind Concern) helpline, and massage and exercise benefits. These help lower the threshold to create health and receive help in various life challenges, such as insomnia, stress, or feelings of inadequacy, which sometimes manifest as the downside of demanding expert work,’ says CEO Sari-Liia Tonttila.


The Great Place To Work recognition is valid for one year at a time. The work continues, and our goal is to address emerging development areas, such as rewarding, to strengthen already experienced positive aspects, and to develop Ahjo together with the entire staff into the top ranks of Finland’s best workplaces. In the long run, developing culture is vital for success. People’s well-being tells us about Ahjo’s future profitability.


‘The survey provides us with external perspective and benchmarking from other industries for developing our corporate culture. It gives us the means to articulate our goals and the core aspects of our culture. It is important to us that people are well in their jobs and committed to their workplace, as a good employee experience increases customer satisfaction. Last year’s economic survey already indicated that well-being radiates outward—to customers as well. We were among the top 10 agencies in terms of overall rating. This is a great point from which to continue,’ CEO Sari-Liia Tonttila rejoices.


Read more about the Great Place To Work survey on the Great Place To Work website.

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