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Spreading awareness about teeth sensitivity

About 1 in 3 adults suffer from teeth sensitivity. Sensodyne toothpaste specifically caters to and prevents this issue. Sensodyne researched teeth sensitivity in 6 countries and created a special Coldish ice cream which is suitable for sensitive teeth.





The challenge was how to spread awareness about sensitive teeth in a unique way?
For background information Sensodyne researched teeth sensitivity in 6 countries.


Following the research, Sensodyne created a special Coldish ice cream – suitable for sensitive teeth. It was developed not to melt as easily so it can be enjoyed when it is not ice cold. Coldish draws attention and links teeth sensitivity to the brand in a unique way as teeth sensitivity occurs especially when teeth react to cold foods such as ice cream.





To raise awareness, we organized a successful sample event where Coldish ice cream and toothpaste samples were handed out to more than 1000 visitors. The event built positive brand image on site and online. We collaborated with seven influencers who posted content related to the topic and the event on their social media. The influencers’ social media posts gained very positive reactions. Media communications included tailored press releases and pitches to journalists. In result, positive media relations were built and several articles were published in targeted outlets.


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