Are you prepared to face the media, no matter what the situation? Do you have your crisis communication under control also on social media? Or could you use new tips on how to create better texts or speeches?

Read more on our inspirational coaches who will guide and coach you.

Janne Huovila

“Janne coaches Specialists and people in leadership roles with excellence presence. He has Ph.D. in Communications and did his dissertation in rethorics. He lights up when coachees start to see themselves with fresh eyes – those of a performer and influencer.”

Strategist, Coach
+358 50 363 6278

Eva Torra

”Certified Business Coach Eva excels in leadership skills. Eva has strong background in both behavioral studies and leadership roles in international companies. She has a warm personality and excellent presence. Eva does coaching in English and Finnish.”

Strategist, partner
+358 40 5933 806

Janne Malinen

“Janne masters writing. He studied literature and communications. Janne is your best coach in media- and crisis trainings and in creative writing text clinics. As a former journalist and having worked in the publishing he has a comprehensive insight into communications. As a coach Janne is peaceful, encouraging and supportive.

Senior Account Director, Coach
+358 50 365 9151

Gia Forsman-Härkönen

“Gia has long experience in leadership roles within Corporate Communications and studies in Communications. She excels in crisis, social media and media communications and has a calm and reassuring personality. Gia does coaching in Swedish, Finnish and English.”

Senior Account Manager, Coach
+358 50 324 30 78

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